Gietzen Sheep Shearing

Gietzen Sheep Shearing

Gietzen Sheep Shearing - Shorn sheepShearing sheep is the most deceiving job I know of. It looks easy, but sheep shearing is rather difficult, and requires a great deal of concentration; nothing beats experience in shearing sheep. We are harvesting your wool crop, and your preparation is going to have a direct influence on the outcome of the job. Some things that make the job more difficult are sheep that are thin, over fat, over sized, or bred out of proportion.

Since shearing sheep is what I do for a living, I use the best and most modern equipment available. Having a good hand-piece, combs and cutters, and having everything sharp is an important part of doing the job properly. In turn, I don't want you to interfere by giving the sheep shots or trimming feet anything that interferes with shearing. I have portable chutes, a hydraulic wool packer, and a wool press available. I also have wool sacks and wool packs for sale.

When shearing your sheep, I do my best to start the day early and on time. I establish a route to keep mileage and driving time to a minimum. I can only be one place at a time to shear, but if I know ahead when you want your sheep sheared, I can work in as many jobs as possible while shearing in a given area. In turn, I expect you to have your sheep in, off feed, and dry. Have everything you can set up, and have your help there.

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